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Become stronger and fitter, gain confidence, learn to defend yourself and learn to fight. If you’re a complete beginner or an experienced fighter, MTI has a range of Thai boxing classes to meet your training needs. We offer the most experienced Muay Thai trainers in the Wellington region and we pride ourselves on providing top class training in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you want to train for fitness or fun we can help. If you want to fight, join the team that has produced more champions then any other gym in Wellington. Learn Muay Thai and train with the best from just $20 per week.


MTI runs 28 classes, six days a week, including: beginner’s Thai boxing, sparring classes, and fight training at championship level. To help you reach your goals, personal one-on-one training can also be arranged.

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You don’t have to spar or fight! Thai kickboxing is a great way to keep fit, learn self-defence and improve your confidence. Thai boxing techniques will give you flexibility, strength, and tone all of your body.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MTI runs MMA classes with the best stand up team combining with the best MMA coaching team.

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Mind Games

A while ago now, I wanted to find out what made winners. How they were different to others and in the arena that I cared about – fighting. So I asked the top fighters all across NZ how they approached fighting.

What I found surprised me – they were all the same. There wasnt really many different approaches but there was only one approach with a few personal tweaks. How important is visualization and mental prep? Read more…

Recovering  after losing and how to deal with a bad decision

Fighting is a hard sport, unless you win by KO there are decisions that you disagree with and fights that you lose.  In a close fight that can go either way that’s understandable but there are those decisions that are just wrong.

This sucks, but it happens.

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